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The establishment of Auto Alley as a trusted car rental company did not happen overnight, of course. In fact, it took us time to assess what was not functioning normally in the rental car market. Where is there no balance? What do customers say “no” and “that’s too much” to? Why is renting a house normal in our country, but not renting a car?

It took more than 15 years of work and optimization before I could say that a new type of car rental company was created. What do I mean? Keep reading and you will answer this question for yourself.

In 2006, we started with completely new rental cars at affordable prices. Later, this understanding became a basic principle in our work. To date, we have no rental cars older than two years and with a mileage of up to 80,000 km.

As a car rental company, Auto Alley can generally be defined as a company in the field of services – car rental. However, this is not exactly the case because we create friendships. Pay attention to the recommendations given to us by customers and partners.

Just imagine: You are about to use the car rental service without stressing your budget. What do I mean? Let’s be honest with each other. We want to help people, but also to make a profit from our venture. Therefore,

so that more people can buy the car rental product, we have introduced a 3-month interest-free installment plan. There is no doubt that this payment approach is a win-win for both parties. Did you notice the friendly suggestion in the words you just read? Many people define this proposal as exactly that. You rent a car and pay in 3 equal installments over 3 months.

You are about to see for yourself how a friendship is born. Find out for yourself why Auto Alley continues to help a huge number of people to take advantage of the RENTAL CAR service.

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